“Working with Elizabeth as our day-of-wedding planner and assistance leading up to the wedding was an excellent experience. From organization and communication to over-the-top effort on the day-of, Elizabeth delivered on what she promised plus so much more. While we did a majority of the wedding planning on our own, Elizabeth helped us out by reviewing all of our vendor contracts, helped us be realistic with expectations and scheduling, and was a conduit for any questions we needed help to get answered from the venue, florist, officiant, etc. The day prior to the wedding, Elizabeth was joined by her husband Dan and they dedicated their entire day to assisting with setup of the venue. This also gave them a chance to really see our vision for what we wanted on the wedding day. With this knowledge, Elizabeth and Dan arrived at the venue before the first vendors (who showed up at 8:00 AM!) on wedding day and carried out all setup tasks and much more, with little interruption to the bride’s own preparations. They would kindly ask questions for decision making but otherwise created the setup exactly as we had envisioned. It was amazing how willing they were to work hard to get the venue and scheduling setup as we wanted it. Once folks started arriving, given some weather and logistic curve balls, Elizabeth and Dan worked hard to ensure the guests were comfortable but that the day would still go on as planned. They quickly formulated contingencies and took action. The night continued flawlessly. At any point, if I had a thought such as “I hope xyz is being taken care of”, I would see Elizabeth and she would already be on it. She really knows what the bride and groom need to fully enjoy their wedding day. To top off the entire experience, Elizabeth left us a wonderful surprise for us to remember our venue and wedding by, which was so thoughtful and appreciated! I would recommend Elizabeth’s services without hesitation.”

~Matthew .O 09/06/18



“Worth WAY MORE than what we were charged for Elizabeth’s Service…Liz and Dan are the definition of hustlers. We originally hired Liz and Dan thinking they would just act in a “facilitate” & “manage” type role, which after seeing them in their element, I can confidently say they can write a book on….However, Me & Chelsea’s wedding, unbeknownst to us before hand, required much more. I’ll assume that when beginning a Wedding Planning type business such as this, whether it be learned through research prior to your first gig, or first hand experience, it’s necessary to have a plan for the “Oh S**T” moments….and while I do not have much experience with the ins & outs of on-site wedding preparation other than my own this last weekend, I can say that WITHOUT QUESTION- Liz & Dan were dealt, at the LAST possible moment, a seriously DIFFICULT chain of events…Aside from them already having synchronized a seemingly perfect plan, and executing it faster than anticipated – within the final TWO HOURS prior to the ceremony, our OUTDOOR wedding was hit with a RAINSTORM & subsequently needed to be moved around. So they acted quickly, reverted to the original backup plan of moving the outdoor ceremony into 1 of 2 of the on-site,indoor buildings we had there @ the venue, quickly, and with a detailed plan of the changes – BUT then, my difficult, nervous, stressed self, as the groom who did not want to disappoint his Bride – Came up with the bright idea (with my Bride’s approval) to COMPLETELY MOVE the Ceremony to the adjacent building 1.5 Hours prior to the beginning of the ceremony…..Liz and Dan orchestrated every single move, leveraging out portions of the work ONLY to those who were begging to help,but all in all, single-handedly completed the task with time to spare, which would typically have DAYS allotted to complete. I can go on for hours with all of the great things these two did,and are capable of. PLEASE, if you are on the fence about these two, call me…..I will give you the entire story of what they were dealt, and how they reacted to it, and not only pushed through, but also did so better than anyone there could have imagined. They are on a different level, and I can’t wait to see where they take their business. I recommend them 10,000 times and then more. If you want security, peace of mind, efficiency, & genuine guidance on your big day, as a seriously competitive price, do yourself a favor and use Liz. For a first hand review of their services in an un-biased forum, call me @ (610) 554-9609.”

~Tyler & Chelsea .L 07/25/18



“Elizabeth and her husband Dan were the MVPs of my wedding. I owe them the world. They killed it and I couldn’t recommend them enough. They got quite a few challenges thrown their way and they handled every single one with ease and grace. Thanks again guys.”

~Chelsea .O 07/23/18


“I could not have had the stress free wedding day that I did without Elizabeth and her husband. She made sure everything was where it needed to be and that everything at the reception was all set up and perfect before it began. She managed to make it feel like she was in every place at the same time and wherever we needed her is where she was. They stayed and helped us tear down so when the wedding was over we could go and enjoy the rest of our night without worrying about tearing down and packing things up. She helped us answer any questions along the way and was very flexible in working with our schedules to meet in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Elizabeth was an essential part of our wedding and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone getting married who wants a stress free day.”

~Melaina .S 11/11/17